Design of Simple Intelligent Robot Based on AT89C51 Single-Chip Microcontroller

“With the continuous development of microelectronics technology, the integration degree of microprocessor chips is getting higher and higher, and the single-chip microcomputer can integrate CPU, memory, timer/counter, parallel and serial interfaces, watchdog, front It is easy to combine computer technology

Luxshare Precision responded to “Become the winner of Apple’s second-generation Metaverse hardware”: technically prepared

In the afternoon of December 8, affected by the report of Tianfeng Securities (4.080, 0.08, 2.00%) Apple analyst Guo Mingchi, Luxshare Precision (002475.SZ) rose rapidly and closed up 6.19%. Guo Mingchi’s report stated that Luxshare Precision is the winner of

How to perform the TI Impedance TrackingTM battery fuel gauge used in lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries in shallow discharge applications…

TI’s Impedance TrackingTM battery fuel gauge technology is a powerful adaptive algorithm that remembers the changes in battery characteristics over time. Combining this algorithm with the specific chemical properties of the battery pack can know the state of charge (SOC)

Using UC3638 PWM controller to realize the design of semiconductor thermoelectric cooler temperature control drive scheme

“semiconductor thermoelectric cooler (Thermo-E1ectric Cooler, TEC for short) has the characteristics of small size, no noise, no pollution, etc. Widely used in aerospace, military, optoelectronics, electromechanical, medical, automotive, communications and other fields. In the development process of a certain type