2020 phone replacement strategy: what are the flagship 5G mobile phones with a budget of around 5K

With the staged victory in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many people say that March 2020 will usher in a wave of retaliatory consumption: in the catering market, milk tea, barbecue, hot pot, fried chicken… must be eaten at one time; In the smartphone market, if there is a demand for replacement, it will inevitably be dominated by 5G mobile phones, especially flagship 5G mobile phones with better performance in all aspects, which directly blows the flagship wind. At present, due to the high R&D expenses and device costs, the price of flagship 5G mobile phones has generally risen. Many users who need to replace the phone are more concerned about: What are the flagship 5G mobile phones with a budget of around 5K?

Under the influence of the epidemic, users with tight wallets will also be more price sensitive to flagship 5G mobile phones. According to the reporter’s understanding, in the current domestic mobile phone market, in addition to Huawei’s own Kirin chips, the 5G flagship phones recently released intensively by other mobile phone manufacturers, such as the OPPO high-end series Find X2 series, are equipped with high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. Chip, and due to Qualcomm’s price increase policy, the cost of the Snapdragon 865 is twice as expensive as the previous generation. Compared with the conventional 5G model, the cost of the flagship 5G mobile phone has increased and the price is slightly more expensive. .

2020 phone replacement strategy: what are the flagship 5G mobile phones with a budget of around 5K

So what are the flagship 5G phones with budgets around 5K? Taking the OPPO Find X2 series mentioned above as an example, the new OPPO Find X2 (8GB+128GB) version launched in March is priced at 5499 yuan. Capability, excellent battery life and fast charging performance directly confirm the name of “2020 Flagship Benchmark” in the eyes of consumers and the industry.

It is worth mentioning that the OPPO Find X2 comes standard with a QHD+120Hz super-sensitive screen, which is a rare screen in the industry that supports 10-bit color depth, bringing as many as 1.07 billion color displays. The color accuracy of this screen is The highest average JNCD is 0.4 (the average JNCD in the cinema mode is 0.4, the average JNCD in the soft mode is 0.4, and the average JNCD in the default vivid mode is 0.8), and it is even comparable to professional monitors.

As one of the mobile phone functions that consumers are most concerned about, OPPO Find X2 is equipped with a three-camera combination of 48 million main camera (IMX586) + 12 million movie lens (IMX708) + 13 million pixel vertical telephoto, covering a relatively complete focal length, supporting 5x hybrid optical zoom, up to 20x digital zoom, the ultra-wide-angle lens can shoot both ultra-wide-angle and macro, which not only ensures the clarity and movement of the face and background, but also takes into account the clear and natural portrait and background, fully satisfying users’ daily shooting need.

In terms of hard-core performance, OPPO Find X2 series, supported by the most powerful Snapdragon 865 mobile processing platform, has ultra-high screen refresh rate, ultra-fast 5G network speed and professional video shooting, and is equipped with industry-leading charging The astonishingly fast 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 super flash charge can fully charge the 4200mAh Find X2 in just 38 minutes, eliminating consumers’ low-battery troubles from the root and giving users the ultimate 5G experience.

What are the flagship 5G phones with budgets around 5K? Entering the 5G era, when people talk about “5G mobile phones”, they are not only referring to “mobile phones that support 5G and can be connected to 5G networks”, but must “make full use of 5G network speed and bring high network speeds to the market.” Products that reflect the advantages of the content from the past.” Based on this, the OPPO Find X2 series, whose price is highly compatible with performance and quality, must be a good choice.

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