A complete RF front-end solution for the point-to-point wireless application market

Avago Technologies announced that it has completed the initial prototyping of an Avago-specific five-chip series developed for the gradually expanding 38GHz to 42GHz wireless infrastructure and backhaul point-to-point wireless market. Based on market demand and customer input, Avago High-performance mmWave products in surface mount packages are designed. Avago is a leader in providing analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications.

“Our 38GHz and 42GHz point-to-point wireless solutions feature four main chips and a wafer-level package directional Power detector,” said Allen Chien, Multimarket Product Marketing Manager at Avago. Backhaul capacity to meet the needs of mobile data communication users.”

Peer-to-peer wireless communications market

The wireless infrastructure market is currently expanding to meet the ever-increasing data rates and reliable connectivity requirements of mobile communications customers. The high bandwidth required by smartphones and other devices must be provided by backhaul solutions. Point-to-point backbone wireless communications carry the High traffic from Points-of-Presence to wireless access points.

In some regions, 38GHz (37-40GHz) and 42GHz (40.5-43.5GHz) are the wireless infrastructure frequency bands that need to be licensed. With the design and deployment of new point-to-point wireless communications that can increase communication capacity, many wireless equipment manufacturers are switching. By moving to surface mount instead of traditional chip-to-wire devices, wireless equipment suppliers can bring lower cost, more compact wireless products to market with shorter design time.

Process technology and capacity

These chipsets are manufactured using Avago’s unique 0.17μm Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor (PHEMT, Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor) process technology, using 80GHz FT transistors, which can fully meet the needs of 40GHz applications. Production is carried out in a high-capacity 6-inch fab. Products are shipped in 5mm x 5mm surface mount packages and are shipped in tape-and-reel packaging. The production and testing procedures are fully automated, and the monthly production capacity can reach millions of pieces.


‧ Four 5mm x 5mm SMT chips covering the 38GHz to 42GHz frequency band: upscaling, downscaling, power amplifiers and multiplexers
‧ High Directivity Power Detector in 0402 Wafer Level Package (WSP)
‧ Upconverter provides variable gain amplifier (VGA) with 24dB gain control
‧ 1W output 20dB power amplifier
– High linearity: OIP3 of 36dBm
‧ Integrated buffer and multiplexer
‧ Low noise receiver/downconverter: Noise figure below 4.5dB

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