Average size of monitor shipments increased to 23.7 inches in 2019

What size monitor should I buy? To say that a few years ago, 21.5 inches was still an entry level, and now 21.5 inches is a bit small. The size of the data Display has been upgraded and the size centralization has become more and more obvious. The average display Panel size in 2019 was 23.7 inches, an increase of 0.5 inches year-on-year.

Therefore, it is the entry-level configuration to buy a monitor of about 23.8 inches now. Of course, monitors of this size are not expensive, and many products can be purchased for seven or eight hundred yuan. Better upgrade products are basically at the level of more than 1,000 yuan. For the installation, the budget of the Display is not high. After all, the price of a 16G memory is also several hundred yuan.

Sales data in 2019 showed that 23.8 inches surpassed 21.5 inches for the first time, with a market share of 25.5%, and the market share of 21.5 inches fell to 21.5%; it can be seen that consumers also like this size very much. And 21.5 inches has been the same as 17 inches, gradually marginalized.

Among them, 27-inch is the preferred size for mid-to-high-end products, and its market share continues to increase. In 2019, the market share reached 13.9%; the market share of medium and large size segments (23.8 inches and above) reached 52.5%, and the concentration of mainstream sizes has increased. So friends who want to upgrade can choose 27 inches.

For 27-inch products, the resolution of 1080P is not enough, and the resolution of 4K is higher than that of 27-inch products, which is denser, so 2K resolution is very suitable. The author recommends that there are two major concerns for upgrading the display in 2020: 27 inches and 2K resolution, which is the most cost-effective.

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