How Small MCUs with Complex Analog Functions Save Board Space and System Cost in Battery-Powered Applications

“When developing applications such as security systems and wireless medical monitoring equipment, the success of the design depends on many factors. However, design complexity and Power efficiency are perhaps the most important factors for such battery-operated, connected applications. This is

Driving Tomorrow: Lotus Evija Program Update and Driving Impressions from MD Matt Windle and the Test Team

With the Evija hypercar program approaching the final step before it enters production, the Lotus test team and Lotus Cars managing director Matt Windle was impressed with the EP1 – one of several prototypes and the most advanced in terms

Graphcore at the World Intelligence Conference, disruptive AI computing leads the era of intelligent “core”

May 20, Tianjin, China – Today Graphcore officially participated in the 5th World Intelligence Conference held in Tianjin, and focused on displaying the MK2 full line of products based on the second-generation IPU (MK2 IPU). This is also the first

Simulation to see the parasitic conduction problem in the parallel connection of SiC single transistors

[Introduction]This WeChat article has been conceived for a long time. To pave the way, two basic articles have been published in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, let’s talk about parasitic conduction in SiC single-tube parallel connection again. This WeChat article

Interview with Yadi Zhou Chao: To be a real smart electric vehicle, pay more attention to the core value than making money

At the 2021 Yadea Technology Global Multiplication Strategy Summit held on December 9, Yadea put forward the grand strategy of “global multiplication”, setting the tone for the company’s development in 2021 and even in the future. At the same time,

Heavy, VIA sells x86 technology to Shanghai Zhaoxin, however, Zhaoxin’s future prospects are hidden

According to Taiwanese technology media DIGITIMES, on the evening of October 26, VIA Electronics suddenly announced a major information briefing session, chaired by VIA Chairman Chen Wenqi. A total of $257 million in transaction value At the briefing, VIA Electronics