Godson Zhongke is caught in another infringement dispute, will the “Hanxin Incident” make a comeback?

Once upon a time, the appalling “Hanxin” fraud incident caused the development of “Chinese chip” to stagnate for 13 years, leaving a lot of haze on the Chinese chip industry. However, the shadow has not completely dissipated, and the Chinese

“Green Intelligent Manufacturing Winning Plan” Ecological Assembly to Promote the Integration of Digital Economy and Real Economy

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between the International Economic and Technological Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Schneider Electric and the launching ceremony of the green intelligent manufacturing win-win plan were held in

Looking at the new ecology of China’s integrated circuits from the perspective of EDA and IP technology

Since 2020, affected by the spread of the epidemic, the operating rate of most companies in the semiconductor industry chain has been lower than expected; Blizzard, earthquakes, fires and other emergencies have caused damage to the production lines of local

Behind the cheating of new energy vehicles: the tide recedes to know who is swimming naked

Yufei.com, October 16th, in recent years, with the emergence of new energy vehicles “cheating and subsidizing” incidents, people’s attention has gradually increased. Can’t afford to help, subsidize and subsidize”. A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology