Deyiwei joined the YMTC Xtacking Ecological Alliance and became the first batch of diamond-level ecological partners

On August 20, Deyi Microelectronics, as a diamond-level ecological partner, officially signed the Xtacking trademark use agreement with YMTC. Zhao Weiguo, chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup, chairman of YMTC, Diao Shijing, executive chairman of YMTC, and Yang Shining, CEO , CMO Gong Yi, Deyi Microelectronics CEO Wu Dawei, COO Chen Qiang, and CMO Luo Ting attended the signing ceremony together.

Diao Shijing, Executive Chairman of YMTC, presented the Diamond Partner Medal to Wu Dawei, CEO of Deyi Microelectronics.

In the context of the booming development of China’s storage industry, YMTC is guided by “technology brand innovation leadership”, creating partner terminal products as the carrier, YMTC’s NAND Flash particles as the common value, and “Xtacking graphic trademark” as the A unified visual identity ecosystem. Through the innovative integration of upstream and downstream enterprises in the alliance, the Xtacking graphic trademark has been built into a synonym for high-end memory with strong performance, technological innovation and reliable quality. This cooperation will help enhance the brand influence of both parties and promote mutual benefit and win-win results.

YMTC Xtacking graphic trademark

The cooperation between Deyi Microelectronics and YMTC has a long history, and the entire product line of storage control chips (PCIe/SATA/eMMC/UFS/NM/USB/SD) has fully supported YMTC’s NAND Flash chips. And after years of accumulation, Deyi Micro has established a full-stack service capability from storage control chips to industrial storage solutions, meeting the needs of industrial storage products in high customization, wide temperature, high reliability, high density packaging, large capacity, etc. Aspects of the requirements, has been widely recognized by customers.

At the beginning of the year, Deyi Microelectronics launched the Tianxing plan under its SiliconGo brand, self-improvement and innovation, based on the NAND Flash particles of YMTC, to provide customers with a package of fully autonomous storage solutions for industrial use. With the official signing of the Xtacking use agreement, the two parties will jointly build an ecosystem and work together on the domestic and international industrial storage markets.

Focus on solid-state storage – Deyi Microelectronics

Shenzhen Deyi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (YEESTOR) is headquartered in Shenzhen and has branches in Hefei, Hsinchu, Guangzhou, Changsha and other places. Deyi Microelectronics provides industry customers with one-stop storage solutions including storage control chips, industrial storage modules, IP and design services. Its products cover consumer, enterprise, industrial, and automotive applications.

13 years of technology accumulation and business expansion, Deyi Microelectronics has established a complete storage product line of general storage (USB/SD), embedded storage (UFS/eMMC/SPI-NAND) and SSD storage (SATA/PCIe). More than 1 billion sets of goods.

The ISO9001 certified whole-process quality control system covers from the analysis of storage media characteristics, to the development of storage controllers and their firmware, to the design, packaging, production, testing and after-sales service of various storage modules.

Deyi Microelectronics masters a number of key technologies in the industry, has obtained 162 authorized invention patents, possesses the core IP of all storage controllers, and provides integrated storage and computing solutions to meet the challenges of emerging applications such as AIoT and data centers.


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