Dialog adds power-efficient SPI NOR memories

Dialog adds power-efficient SPI NOR memories

The AT25EU aims to achieve the lowest Power consumption and the fastest operation in order to achieve the lowest energy.

The 2Mbit AT25EU0021A can perform a full-chip erase in under 10ms while, it claims, consuming less than 1% of the energy demanded by competing devices, which can take a full second, or longer, to perform the same operation.

The family ability also offers a variety of power-saving features including wide Vcc (1.65V to 3.6V) operation to extend the battery life as well as the 100 to 300nA deep power-down mode to conserve energy when the product is not in use.

The  erase time, in conjunction with the low-power high-speed operation, will reduce the total energy consumed in any system.

The first of the AT25EU product family of devices will be offered in 1Mbit and 2Mbit configurations and generally available for sampling in the second quarter of 2021. Additional devices in this family are planned for up to 16Mbits density.

For more information on the AT25EU product family, please visit https://www.dialog-Semiconductor.com/products/memory/at25eu