During the Spring Festival, the TV is turned on for 7 hours every day.

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With the resumption of work and production in various places, we bid farewell to the longest Spring Festival holiday in history. What are you doing at home this holiday season?

Today (February 26) morning, at the Hisense Internet TV Big Data Online Communication Conference, Xu Xiaorong, Deputy General Manager of Hisense Juhaohao, told the “Daily Economic News” reporter that from the point of view of the boot time, watching TV has become a popular choice for many people. Home preferred.

The Internet TV big data released by Hisense shows that from January 20th to February 18th, the average daily life of Hisense Internet TV households reached 24.9 million, far exceeding the traditional peak daily life on New Year’s Eve.

Interestingly, under the wave of Internetization of TV, its ability to compete with mobile phones for audiences has also emerged during this special Spring Festival. Xu Xiaorong said that the conversion rate of new Internet TV users has been significantly improved.

A tie with the mobile phone in the Spring Festival

In Xu Xiaorong’s impression, according to the laws of previous years, New Year’s Eve will generally reach the peak of ratings. Judging from the data, on New Year’s Eve, Hisense Internet TV cloud platform Juhaohao has more than 22 million active households, a year-on-year increase of 60%.

However, the climax of New Year’s Eve was broken this year during the longest Chinese New Year holiday in history.

Judging from the data of Hisense Internet TV sets, during the 30 days from January 20 to February 18, the average daily boot time of Hisense Internet TV was 412 minutes, an increase of 25.76% from the previous cycle, and the average daily number of active households It reached 24.9 million, an increase of 13.2% from the previous cycle.

This data is based on real-time monitoring of the world’s largest Internet TV cloud platform. Data shows that as of December 31, 2019, Hisense Internet TV services operated by Juhaohao reached 51.27 million households worldwide, including 39.01 million domestic households and 12.26 million overseas households, providing scenario-based AI services for about 150 million consumers. In 2020, the number of households served by Juhaohao will exceed 65 million.

“The days after New Year’s Eve far exceed the data on New Year’s Eve, which shows that watching TV has become the first choice for many people to stay at home, and it is equal to the average daily use of mobile phones by the public.” Xu Xiaorong said.

According to the statistics of the program viewing big data system (CVB) of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, from January 25 to February 9, the average daily viewing users of cable TV and IPTV nationwide increased by 23.5% compared with last December, and the total viewing time increased by 41.7%. The average daily viewing time in front of the TV is nearly 7 hours.

According to the “2020 Chinese Smart TV User Spring Festival Insight Report” released by Aowei Interactive Entertainment, the smart TV boot rate during the Spring Festival this year reached 45.0%, an overall increase of 11.1% compared to usual. In addition to the obvious increase in the boot rate, the smart TV during the Spring Festival this year was 6.62 hours.

“The 412 minutes of Hisense Gathering is 6.87 hours when converted into hours.” Xu Xiaorong said that in the field of smart TVs, it exceeds the industry average and is close to the length of cable TV.

Large-screen education, medical film and television dramas become “just need”

If a tie between TV and mobile phone is a manifestation of data, the unique large screen of Internet TV has become a key part of the outcome of the two sides.

“The big screen education represented by Juhaohao Education will play a greater role in the big industry of online education.” Xu Xiaorong said when referring to online education, everyone has seen that in response to this postponement of the school, the education department, Schools, parents, teachers are looking for alternatives.

Since the postponement of the start of school, the education department, schools and other parties have been looking for alternative ways. Their trajectory has roughly gone through: the school called on parents to download various mobile APPs, the local education department recorded the curriculum and standardized teaching content, and the Ministry of Education designated China Education TV to record “Ibid.” One Class” to standardize the uneven teaching content in different places.

“With the announcement of the postponement of the start of school all over the country, the live and on-demand courses of Juhao Education have also attracted much attention.” In Xu Xiaorong’s view, “big screen education” plays a unique role in special times. According to the Hisense AI TV Big Data Center, during the Spring Festival holiday, Juhaohao Education’s average daily on-demand time increased by 30% month-on-month, and active families increased by 134% compared with last year’s winter vacation. At the peak, more than 2.45 million households learned online through large TV screens every day.

Compared with the popularity of children’s online education, adults’ attention to TV also has a clear tendency this Spring Festival.

According to the information from Jujiao, during the Spring Festival, the content that attracts more attention includes news information, TV series and movies related to the epidemic. For example, as of February 18, the number of on-demand episodes of the “War Epidemic” channel has reached 760 million, and the number of on-demand episodes of “Emergency Doctor” produced in 2017 has been increasing, ranking 10th among many popular dramas; Korean movies in 2013 The on-demand volume of “Influenza” increased by 49 times month-on-month.

As for the reason, Xu Xiaorong told the reporter of “Daily Economic News” that the plot of rescuing infectious diseases in the TV series is the reason for its resurgence, and the on-demand volume of other medical works has also increased significantly.

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