Elon Musk: Why Cook refused to let Apple buy Tesla

In the past two days, news from the industry chain said that Apple intends to accelerate the launch of its own passenger car, which sounds incredible, because it takes a huge amount of energy and financial resources to make this project fully implemented.

Some foreign media have suggested that if Apple really intends to enter the field of electric vehicles, it can directly acquire related companies, such as Tesla, but this did not happen in the end.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Tuesday that he had tried to approach Apple CEO Tim Cook about the possibility of the company buying Tesla, but was turned down.

“During the darkest days of Tesla’s Model 3 project, I approached Apple CEO Tim Cook and discussed getting Apple (at one-tenth of its current market value) to buy Tesla,” Musk said on social media. Possibility. But Cook refused to attend the meeting.”

Apple has the potential to be a direct competitor to Tesla in the self-driving car space. The media reported yesterday that Apple is continuing to advance Project Titan with an eye toward breakthrough battery technology.

Musk said his plan at the time was to seek to be acquired by Apple at one-tenth of Tesla’s current market value, meaning he wanted to sell Tesla to Apple for $60 billion.

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