France: Huawei 5G is not excluded, but European operators such as Nokia and Ericsson are given priority

After the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Germany successively allowed Huawei to participate in the construction of their own 5G networks, France also joined the team.

According to foreign media reports, French Minister of Economy and Finance Le Maire said in an interview with French media that France will not exclude Huawei from participating in the country’s 5G network construction, but there are restrictions, and France will also give priority to European operators such as Nokia and Ericsson.

Le Maire emphasized that Huawei will not be discriminated against. If Huawei can provide a better choice from a technical point of view or price, it can enter the French 5G network market.

In response, the Chinese Embassy in France stated that China has always treated Nokia and Ericsson, two European companies fairly, in the construction of 5G networks, and even allowed them to participate in the construction of the core network. We do not want to harm the development of European companies in the Chinese market due to the discrimination and protectionist practices of France and other European countries.

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