QuickLogic announces eFPGA IP generator

QuickLogic announces eFPGA IP generator

Australis is based on the OpenFPGA IP generator and adds a multitude of additional features and capabilities specific to implementing QuickLogic’s eFPGA IP solutions, along with the level of testing and support required to build commercially viable eFPGA IP.

QuickLogic utilises the Australis eFPGA IP Generator to provide ASIC/SoC developers an automated way to define and implement customised eFPGA IP for their projects.

Embedded FPGA flexibility enables a multitude of reprogrammable use cases – including addressing changing market conditions, supporting the evolution of new standards with the same silicon, customized implementations for intellectual property protection, offloading and hardware acceleration of artificial intelligence / machine learning workloads, or simply for creating a range of product variants for fragmented markets.

It offers:

• Fast time-to-market – Customised eFPGA IP – from description to GDSII format in days
• Flexibility to meet specific SoC design requirements – Optimized for Power, Performance and Area (PPA) requirements
• Cost effective – Fraction of the cost of traditionally-built eFPGA IP cores
• Broad range of foundries and processes supported – Use the best fab and technology
for the application
• Easy integration – Seamless IP integration into ASIC/SoC, and FPGA User Tool support

“With the release of Australis, we’re underscoring our commitment to leveraging open-source tools with our deep domain expertise in programmable logic to deliver embedded FPGA technology to the market,” said Brian Faith, QuickLogic’s president and chief executive officer.

The Australis eFPGA IP Generator is available now from QuickLogic.

To learn more, visit: www.quicklogic.com/products/efpga/efpga-