Renesas Electronics Launches R-IN32M4-CL3 IC to Accelerate Next-Generation Ethernet TSN, Seamlessly Connecting IT and OT Layers through CC-Link IE TSN

TOKYO, Japan, November 21, 2019 – Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a leading global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the R-IN32M4-CL3 IC for Industrial Ethernet (IE) communications. Renesas’ latest industrial networking products accelerate CC-Link IE Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), one of the communication standards supporting next-generation Ethernet TSN technology.

As one of the first controllers to support CC-Link IE TSN, the R-IN32M4-CL3 complies with the strict specifications of the standard and achieves time synchronization accuracy between devices of less than one millionth of a second. Applications such as actuators and vision sensors, and remote I/O, which is widely used in network communications, bring TSN support. This allows users to achieve ultra-high-speed and high-precision motion control. TSN supports seamless interoperability between information technology (IT) networks and operational technology (OT) networks, allowing real-time changes to product models or yields, while providing flexible support for manufacturing multiple product types in varying quantities, improving Overall plant efficiency and capacity.

Toshihide Tsuboi, Vice President of the Industrial Automation Business Unit, IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit, Renesas Electronics said, “High-speed networks for motion control are essential to support efficient, flexible production and increase productivity. We are proud to bring the first Leading communications ICs supporting CC-Link IE TSN and enabling our customers to deploy IoT applications in their factories now and in the future.”

“As a key supplier in the field of component technology, Renesas has been an active participant in CLPA since the standard adoption stage. I am very pleased that Renesas, based on its industrial Ethernet superiority technology, has been among the first to provide One of the IC suppliers supporting CC-Link IE TSN. I believe this will also further accelerate the development of CC-Link IE TSN compliant applications and increase the adoption of IoT technology in smart factories.”

In addition to the driver software, Renesas will provide the TCP/IP protocol software, CC-Link IE TSN protocol software and CC-Link IE Field protocol software necessary for developers. One of Renesas’ partners, Tessera Technology, Inc., will release a set of evaluation boards, while Renesas will provide a primer, allowing customers to immediately start developing industrial equipment and quickly integrate new technologies.

SPS 2019 (2019 Smart Manufacturing Solutions Exhibition) held in Nuremberg, Germany from November 26 to 28, 2019 and IIFES 2019 (2019 Industrial Automation Electrical and Electronic Exhibition) held in Tokyo, Japan from November 27 to 29, 2019 During the period, Renesas will demonstrate the R-IN32M4-CL3 at the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) booth.

Key features of R-IN32M4-CL3:

The R-IN32M4-CL3 uses the Renesas R-IN engine, Gigabit Ethernet PHY, and 1.3MB of on-chip RAM to support high-speed, large-capacity communications without requiring real-time OS software or external components, reducing development complexity and burden.

Based on the ArmCortex-M4 core, the R-IN engine features a floating point unit (FPU), a real-time OS accelerator, and an Ethernet communication accelerator. Real-time OS processing is implemented in hardware to lighten the CPU and speed up processing.

The R-IN32M4-CL3 supports the existing CC-Link IE Field network protocol. Customers can use the new IC in existing networking products to extend their next-generation networking capabilities with only software changes.


Renesas Electronics will start mass production orders for the R-IN32M4-CL3 in February 2020.


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