Smart Sensor Manufacturing Innovation Alliance: Gather cores and talents, win-win cooperation, and create “Hui” brilliance again

In order to implement national strategies such as Made in China 2025, the integrated development of manufacturing and the Internet, and big data, grasp the strategic opportunity period for in-depth adjustment of new generation information technology, enhance the core competitiveness of the smart sensor industry, and ensure national information security, November 23, 2017 The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formulated the “Three-Year Action Guidelines for the Smart Sensor Industry (2017-2019)” in accordance with the requirements of the “National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Promotion Outline” and in combination with the “Action Plan for Accelerating the Development of the Sensor and Intelligent Instrumentation Industry” . The “Action Guide” supports the construction of national and provincial intelligent sensor innovation centers, relying on scientific research institutes and key enterprises with good basic conditions to jointly establish independent legal entities in the form of capital or intellectual property rights, forming a group of intellectual property and core The key technology of competitiveness has succeeded, a group of new compound talents have been cultivated, and the core device design and manufacturing technology has reached the international level.

As one of the three major sensor R&D and manufacturing bases in China, Bengbu has a number of intelligent sensor R&D, design and manufacturing enterprises, such as the No. 214 Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry, Xi Magnetic Technology, and North Core Dynamics, and has established a MEMS joint engineering laboratory. Approved major R&D projects above the provincial level, and established the Anhui Intelligent Sensor Industry Innovation Alliance.

Following the trend, relying on the platform of “Anhui Intelligent Sensor Manufacturing Innovation Center”, in November 2019, led by the No. 214 Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry, in conjunction with the Department of Precision Instruments of Tsinghua University, SAIC Group Technology Center, and Suzhou Biomedical Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Engineering Technology Research Institute, Anhui Heli Group Corporation, Anhui Innolink Microsystems Co., Ltd., Hefei Micro-Nano Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Auf Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Hongshi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Chi Orange Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and other units jointly established the “Intelligent Sensor Manufacturing Innovation Alliance (Center)”.

According to the relevant person from the China Ordnance Industry No. 214 Research Institute, the governing unit of the Smart Sensor Manufacturing Innovation Alliance, the smart sensor industry is a basic industry for national economic and social development, and the mutual support with the integrated circuit industry determines the country’s core competitiveness. and international status. In the R&D system of smart sensors in my country, each R&D institution has been in a situation of independent management for a long time, and repeated research is not uncommon, which not only wastes resources, but also prolongs the R&D cycle of new technologies and reduces the economic and social benefits that new technologies can produce. The establishment of the innovation alliance can gather resources from all parties, optimize the allocation of resources, establish a rapid response mechanism for research and development, attract high-end talents at home and abroad, maximize the use of limited resources to produce maximum benefits, and strengthen industry-university-research cooperation. Completely breaking the technical blockade of my country’s smart sensor field by western countries, it will play a huge role in promoting the development of my country’s sensor core technology, will further enhance the smart sensor innovation capability of Anhui Province and even the country, and further enhance the international competitiveness of my country’s core technology. Realize the autonomous control of intelligent sensors.

Since the establishment of the Smart Sensor Manufacturing Innovation Alliance more than a year ago, what major progress has been made? The Core Thought Research Institute made a special trip to visit the alliance to obtain first-hand information.

Since its establishment in 2019, the Innovation Alliance has been centered on the 214th Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry, relying on the institute’s 6-inch 0.5μm semiconductor process line, 6-inch MEMS process line, optoelectronic device process platform, silicon-based terahertz IMPATT (avalanche) Diode) chip process platform, Electronic module and component SMT (surface assembly technology) process platform, H-class thick film hybrid integrated circuit military standard line, 8-inch LTCC production line seven process platforms and process capabilities and the design capabilities of related companies in the alliance, combined with The alliance’s industrial focus adjusts the layout, promotes the development of the MEMS smart sensor industry as a strategic emerging industry, and combines the technical characteristics of the alliance to determine the high-performance inertial devices, optical communication devices, infrared temperature sensors, gas sensors, micro-flow sensors, pressure sensors. And all kinds of intelligent sensor fields are the development direction of key industries. Benchmarking the international advanced technology, while giving full play to the ability of independent innovation, four sets of characteristic MEMS bulk silicon process systems have been established, and the alliance’s MEMS research and development capabilities and industrialization capabilities have been continuously improved, and efforts have been made to build a domestic advanced MEMS smart sensor industry base.

For more than a year, the Innovation Alliance has mainly expanded applications in five fields:

First, high-performance MEMS devices and components for artificial intelligence and unmanned systems: autonomously controllable MEMS inertial devices (gyroscopes, accelerometers) and components have formed an absolute leading position in the domestic high-end MEMS inertial device market and can be widely used In the field of drones and smart cars;

The second is the field of 5G communication and the Internet of Things, including MEMS optical components, MEMS actuators, and radio frequency MEMS devices: silicon-based filters, Power dividers, antennas and other products have been developed, and related products have industrialization capabilities, relying on 5G communication. The field has huge market prospects. Combined with the current alliance’s mature MEMS device wafer processing, packaging and testing as an integrated process platform, while improving the localization level of my country’s optical communication core devices, it will take the lead in occupying the strategic commanding heights of the 5G optical communication field;

The third is the field of MEMS sensors for smart equipment: mainly used in industrial monitoring, smart mobile terminals, wearable devices and other fields;

The fourth is the field of high-end medical equipment: the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in 2020, the response to the epidemic highlights the need to speed up the completion of the shortcomings of high-end medical equipment, accelerate the research on core technologies, break through the technical bottlenecks, and realize the independent control of core components for medical equipment;

The fifth is the field of MEMS devices for smart homes: with the rapid development of the Internet of Things, gas sensors, array infrared temperature sensors, and pressure sensors used in the field of smart homes have been jointly developed and realized 6 product series.

Major breakthroughs in technological innovation

The Innovation Alliance adheres to the technological innovation system of deep integration of production, education and research, and has added nearly ten major scientific research projects at the provincial and national levels in the field of smart sensor technology, involving MEMS, EMCCD, SOC, microwave and millimeter wave, digital-to-analog conversion, power devices, etc. For example, the 214th Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry, a member of the alliance, has successively won a number of major national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects. Expand the alliance’s main technologies and products to the automotive field, and at the same time expand the alliance’s vertical scientific research to the key project areas of the National Development and Reform Commission; the “Nuclear High Base” major project jointly declared with Tsinghua University has been extended from the “13th Five-Year Plan” to the “14th Five-Year Plan”. ; The “Digital diagnosis and treatment equipment research and development” project in cooperation with the Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been successfully approved as a key research and development plan by the Ministry of Science and Technology. For more than a year, the alliance member units have authorized more than 30 invention patents and published 15 core journal papers.

In terms of key technologies, through technological innovation, cultivating core technologies, relying on the nuclear high-based national major science and technology special projects, we have overcome a series of key technologies that plague the MEMS industry: such as 6-inch SOI bulk silicon MEMS process lines in MEMS microstructure key dimensions processing The precision is better than 0.3μm, the repeatability is better than 0.5μm, and the processing verticality is better than 90°±0.1°; in terms of EMCCD, with the independent EMCCD device as the core, it has completed the nationalized EMCCD search with completely independent intellectual property rights With the development of tracking system, by optimizing the component structure, improving the ability of component video image acquisition and transmission and video image processing, EMCCD process development and product engineering have made great progress; in terms of LTCC devices, it has a complete LTCC production line and group packaging production line , established a multi-material, multi-interface system process, special-shaped multi-cavity structure, high-density integration, LTCC radio frequency devices, components and micro-system manufacturing technology platform, at the leading domestic level.

In terms of basic technology, the anti-overload capability of gyroscope and acceleration has reached more than 18500g, reaching the domestic leading level; developed high-reliability silicon-silicon direct bonding, eutectic bonding, glass paste bonding, electrostatic bonding and thermocompression bonding technology, forming the most complete bonding process technology in China, and is the only domestic enterprise with two silicon-silicon bonding processes; developed unequal-height comb tooth etching technology, reaching the domestic leading level; completed some 3D advanced microsystems The single process technology of integrated manufacturing has laid the foundation for the research and development of microsystem products.

Accelerate the pace of industrialization development

The alliance adheres to the policy of “demand traction, focus on the main business, emancipation of the mind, and win-win cooperation”, unswervingly cooperate with foreign countries, expand cooperation resources, and encourage multiple channels to establish scientific research and industry with universities, research institutes, and enterprises within and outside the alliance. Cooperation to establish a close industrial cooperation ecological chain. Focusing closely on MEMS, sensors and other industries, put the promotion of the industrialization of MEMS devices in the first place, and strive to achieve a national level of MEMS professional technology by the end of 2022, tracking in cutting-edge fields, and industrial development. Quality development.

Based on the 6-inch MEMS process platform and the 6-inch 0.5μm semiconductor process platform of the 214th Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry, six major product directions are formed:

(1) MEMS inertial devices: Co-designed and jointly developed with Innolink, a member of the alliance, 9 MEMS gyroscopes, 7 MEMS accelerometers, 5 micro-inertial measurement modules and other series of shelf products have been formed, and the core indicators have been completed. Covering similar foreign products, it can be used in drone attitude measurement, intelligent robot-assisted navigation, bridge health detection and diagnosis and other fields.

(2) Optical MEMS devices: Co-designed and jointly developed 9 optical MEMSM micromirror products including tunable optical attenuators, optical switches, and tunable optical filters with the alliance member company Zhongke Mi Micro Co., Ltd., 3 A MEMS scanning mirror, during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, it will increase the cooperation and development of a series of products in the fields of optical communication, optical sensing, optical Display, and lidar;

(3) MEMS infrared temperature sensor: Through the joint design and joint development with the alliance member units Hefei Micronano Company and Suzhou Rongqi Company, three types of MEMS temperature sensor products, two types of unit type and array type, have been formed. Temperature sensors are highly flexible and have the advantages of testing moving targets. The “14th Five-Year Plan” will focus on increasing product iteration and industrialization in industries such as smart home and healthcare;

(4) MEMS gas sensor: Co-designed and jointly developed with Hefei Micro-Nano Company, a member unit of the alliance, breaking through the stress matching of composite dielectric films and the high-precision patterning process of refractory metals, realizing localization, mainly detecting CO, VOC, NO Waiting for gas, the “14th Five-Year Plan” will break through the complete set of batch production process of three-dimensional heating table, further reduce the power consumption of the sensor, and improve the performance of the sensor;

(5) MEMS micro-flow sensor: Jointly develop MEMS micro-flow sensor with related companies for use in the field of inkjet printers, which is still a bottleneck in China. The successful breakthrough of this technology will lead the transformation of the inkjet printing industry with innovative MEMS technology, and will bring new market opportunities for industrial applications such as textiles, packaging, and printed electronics.

(6) MEMS pressure sensor: 6 types of pressure sensors have been developed to tackle key problems. The products are made of MEMS pressure sensor sensitive chips through SOI process, pressure cores formed by encapsulating the sensitive chips through metal isolation and liquid filling, as well as various types of conditioning completed with special ASIC chips. Transmitter products are mainly used in aerospace, ship-based ships, petrochemical and other fields. The micro-pressure sensor under development will be widely used in the field of medical health in the future.

Innovation Alliance work to innovate

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the “Intelligent Sensor Manufacturing Innovation Alliance (Center)” with the leading innovation capability in China will be built, a group of high-tech enterprises in key links of the industrial chain will be incubated, and some technologies and products will reach the international leading level, leading Anhui Province to become an integrated It is an internationally competitive and domestically leading smart sensor industry cluster that integrates R&D, manufacturing and service.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the alliance will further accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the development of military-civilian integration, give full play to technological advantages, promote the effective combination of technology, market and capital, and learn from the successful experience of the Microsystem Institute in exploring the establishment of a fund management platform company. The 214th Research Institute of the Ordnance Industry Co., Ltd. jointly initiated the establishment of an industrial fund jointly with provincial and municipal local governments, Zhongbing Investment and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain. The fund focuses on investments in the upstream and downstream R&D design, raw material production, equipment manufacturing, wafer processing, packaging and testing of the MEMS industry chain, and pays particular attention to design companies with technical advantages in the mainstream MEMS product direction of the alliance.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the alliance will take the lead, integrate the advantageous resources of each member unit, and jointly apply for scientific and technological innovation projects including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, so as to enhance the alliance’s influence in the industry.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, priority will be given to opening the seven existing technology platforms of the 214th Research Institute of China Ordnance Industry to the member units of the alliance, and organizing the formulation of preferential policies for the transformation of project achievements among members of the alliance, so as to provide better quality for the industrialization development of the alliance. service.

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