What are the multi-coordinate linkages of precision parts processing

The so-called coordinate axis of precision parts processing linkage is the number of coordinate axes that the index control device controls several servo motors and drives the moving parts of the machine tool to move at the same time.

(1) Two-coordinate linkage can control the linkage of two coordinate axes at the same time, that is, the device controls the movement in the X and Z directions at the same time. It can be used to process various curved contour rotating parts: or the machine tool itself has three directions of movement of X, Y, and Z, and the numerical control device can only control two coordinates at the same time to realize the linkage of the two coordinates. However, the coordinate plane can be exchanged during the machining process for machining part grooves.

(2) Three-axis linkage, the machine tool can control three-axis linkage at the same time. At this time, the milling machine is called a three-axis milling machine, which can be used to process curved parts.

(3) Two-axis half-coordinate linkage, the machine tool itself has three coordinates that can be moved in three directions, but the control equipment can only control two coordinates at the same time during precision parts processing, and the third coordinate can only be in an equidistant period Move within. It can handle the space surface. The numerical control device controls the link between the X coordinate and the Z coordinate in the ZX coordinate plane, processes the contour surface in the vertical plane, and controls the Y coordinate to move regularly and equidistantly to process the spatial surface of the part.

(4) Multi-coordinate linkage, multi-coordinate linkage, CNC machine tools can control more than four coordinate axis linkages at the same time. Multi-coordinate CNC machine tools have complex structure, high precision requirements and complex programming. They are mainly used to handle complex shapes.

Coordinate linkage machining plays a role in the machining of precision parts to give greater freedom in machining. Theoretically, it can complete the complete machining of the five faces of the workpiece on one machine tool, as well as the simple machining of the other face. That is, six faces on the workpiece can be processed. It can process more complex curved surfaces, such as turbine vortex fans. This can provide greater convenience for our processing.

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