Xingyun Group made a stunning appearance at the CIIE, and the digital supply chain serves a global brand

Thousands of businessmen gather, attracting global attention. On November 5th, the 4th China International Import Expo officially opened in Shanghai. Xingyun Group made a stunning appearance at booth B2-06 of the 8.2 Service Trade Hall, providing one-stop, full-category, direct-to-C-end consumer digital supply chain service solutions , to help companies from all over the world deeply integrate into and share the ever-expanding Chinese consumer market.

Go to the Expo again to serve global brands

As an enterprise participating in the CIIE for three consecutive years, Xingyun Group continues to deepen the field of digital supply chain of consumer goods, break through the information blocking points of industrial chain coordination, and provide serialization services in overseas services, brand services, channel services, cross-border logistics services, etc. The solution helps brands efficiently connect with retail channels at home and abroad, simplifies the transaction process and exchanges resources, and empowers the global trade ecosystem.

At the CIIE, Xingyun Group participated in the exhibition with the theme of “Making Global Trading Easier”, and focused on business exploration and successful practice in the field of consumer goods digital supply chain services. Compared with previous years, Xingyun Group’s exhibition scale has been further expanded, and the booth area has doubled compared with last year; it has integrated the new format of e-commerce live broadcast, and set up a live broadcast room for the first time; Xingyun Group will hold the “Su Muyun New Product Launch Conference” on November 6.

Through video interpretation, live Display, on-site interaction and other forms, Xingyun booth fully presents the company’s business model, global development and other core content, fully demonstrating that Xingyun Group is committed to brand globalization, linking global commodities, and empowering the field of consumer goods circulation brand strength.

On the first day of the launch, the booth of Xingyun Group was full of merchants, and there was an endless stream of visitors who came to inquire about business and ask for information. Yang Xiaojing, Deputy Secretary of Qingpu District Party Committee, Acting District Head, Head of Qingpu Trading Branch, Cao Saixian, Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, and other leaders walked to the booth of Xingyun Group to learn about Xingyun’s work. Under the leadership of the on-site staff, they visited the important progress made by Xingyun Group in digital supply chain and other aspects, and expressed their praise for the layout and practice of Xingyun Group in the digital supply chain going overseas.

Use the platform to promote cooperation and discuss new opportunities for the global economy

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 20th anniversary of China’s accession to the WTO, the holding of the 4th CIIE has demonstrated my country’s firm determination to promote high-level opening up and the recovery of the world economy, vigorously promote promotion through exhibitions, and strengthen domestic and international markets. The interconnection of the consumer market brings more cooperation opportunities for global development.

During the CIIE, Xingyun Group was invited to attend the opening ceremony and the main forum activities of the CIIE, and listened to the chairman’s keynote speech. At the same time, Xingyun Group actively participated in the high-level forums and sub-forums of the Hongqiao Forum. New trends in consumption” and other cutting-edge topics have a deeper understanding and thinking.

Outside the venue of the CIIE, Xingyun Group was invited to attend the “Choose France” seminar held by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Shanghai, and discussed the theme of “logistics and e-commerce” with representatives of many well-known enterprises and experts to discuss overseas market opportunities. .

Taking the opportunity of the CIIE, an open and cooperative international platform, Xingyun Group actively integrates resources, expands channels and seeks cooperation. On the first day of the launch, Xingyun Group reached purchase intentions with a number of enterprises.

On the morning of November 5th, under the active recommendation of Qingpu West Hongqiao Enterprise Service Department, Xingyun Group and Yundu (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. reached a purchase intention of 700 million US dollars, and signed the Shanghai Trading Group for this year’s CIIE. The first order, the content of the order involves smart home products. The two parties will deeply integrate the advantages of brand resources, jointly develop a larger market, and jointly promote the technological progress of scientific and technological life and the inclusiveness of products.

On the afternoon of the 5th, at the “2021 Procurement Matchmaking and Foreign Investment Promotion Exchange Conference” hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, a number of key projects were signed.

With the help of the “big platform” and “big opportunity” of the CIIE, Xingyun Group keeps in mind the mission of “making global transactions easier”, and makes good use of the linking role of the consumer goods digital supply chain service platform to build a “buy the world, sell the world” Digital new infrastructure, serving global brands, introducing more international high-quality brands into China, helping Chinese brands to achieve high-quality overseas, and conveying the voice of China to the world.

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