Zero-trust security manufacturer Yi Allianz completes B+ round of financing to accelerate the expansion of the national market

On March 17, 2021, Yi Allianz announced the completion of the B+ round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Chenyi Investment, followed by Langmafeng Venture Capital and old shareholder Dynamic Balance Capital, and Crypto Capital continued to serve as this round of financing. exclusive financial advisor. The funds will be mainly used for sales market expansion and zero-trust technology research and development to accelerate the nationwide coverage of zero-trust security business.

With its technical capabilities and market performance in the field of zero-trust network security, Yi Allianz has once again won the favor of capital. Yi Allianz CEO Yang Zhengquan said that the development of zero trust in the future will show obvious “four modernizations” characteristics, that is, zero trust in applications, zero trust in traditional network security products, standardization of zero trust technology protocols, and zero trust implementation maturity assessment modeling. The Allianz Zero Trust security framework is based on the SDP (Software Defined Boundary) software framework model, and realizes software-defined security by separating control and forwarding. At the same time, according to the security policy, relying on the isolation technology at the data, computing, and network levels, the personal space and the work space are isolated on the user side, so as to ensure the unified entrance of organizational data security and network security. Through the proxy gateway, the application service isolation is solved, the network attack surface is reduced, and the request-based policy control is realized. In the future, Yi Allianz will continue to be creative, actively adapt to and lead the technological changes in network security, and constantly explore the development path, so as to contribute more to the construction of a strong network country.

According to Gartner, the global cloud security services market will reach nearly $12 billion by 2022. And in its “Zero Trust Network Access Market Guide”, it makes a strategic planning assumption: by 2022, 80% of new digital business applications open to ecological partners will be accessed through zero trust network access. Similarly, at the LINKUP+ Cybersecurity Summit, Allianz conducted a survey of hundreds of attendees, and found that 40% of those surveyed said their organization had accelerated the deployment of a zero trust strategy. In just a few years after entering the Chinese market, the momentum of zero trust is very rapid. In this process, Allianz Yi has quickly achieved localization substitution in the field of zero trust with its own excellent technology and comprehensive solutions, showing the strong development of Allianz Easy. Momentum and unlimited potential for the future.

Kong Xiaoming, partner of Fangchenyi Investment, the lead investor in this round, said: China is ushering in the era of mobile office and the Internet of Everything. The popularization of 5G, IOT, edge computing, etc. will accelerate this process, and the concept of “borderless” access will gradually deepen people’s hearts. We continue to be optimistic about the opportunities for a new generation of security protection concepts based on the zero-trust architecture, and we are optimistic about the changing trend of China’s security market from compliance-driven to business-driven. With application access as the core, Yi Allianz has been focusing on the field of zero trust for many years, and has become quite mature in terms of technology, products, channels, cases, etc. The company’s founder has rich industry experience and a stable management style. have a deeper understanding.

Hui Chao, partner of Langmafeng Ventures, a co-investor in this round, said: As an upgrade of the traditional border protection system, the zero-trust security concept will surely transform all security products. Yi Allianz has deep security industry accumulation and a strong management team, and has successfully launched zero-trust security products such as SDP, IAM, and API. At present, the reform of the security industry has begun, and Yi Allianz’s products are highly mature and have obvious first-mover advantages. We are optimistic that Yi Allianz will further expand the market boundary and become an industry leader in the field of zero trust security and cloud security.

Zhu Zhuojun, investment director of Dynamic Balance Capital, a multi-round investor of Yi Allianz, said: The field of network security is an industry that Dynamic Balance Capital has paid attention to for a long time and has been deployed for a long time. In the post-communication and collision, we constantly discovered the advantages and potential of Mr. Yang’s team, and highly recognized Mr. Yang’s strategic vision, diligence, execution ability and entrepreneurial mind, so we are willing to continue multiple rounds of additional investment to support the development of the company. We believe that in the future, Yi Allianz will be able to combine new technical variables, give full play to its first-mover advantage in the zero-trust security track, continue to provide customers with high-quality security services, and become a first-class enterprise in the field of network security. We are also firmly optimistic about the long-term value of Allianz Zero Trust security products in protecting enterprise access security and data assets in an open network environment.

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